Welcome To L.M.N. Marketing Services
We Create Converting Sales Funnels
As a company, we are dedicated to offering the best possible range of products and services while maintaining the highest standards of customer service in our field.

Our specialization is creating converting marketing & sales funnels that produce leads and sales.

In the past 2 years we’ve built hundreds of marketing funnels, some who have created thousands of leads each month, generating thousands of dollars from their activity. 

Today, with the rise of the digital age over the past 20 years, new technology softwares allow us to create marketing funnels with unlimited leverage potential, and with surprisingly small costs.
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Funnels That Create Leads & Sales
We're proud to say that our marketing team is able to create highly converting funnels. 
Minimum Costs
You won't have to spend thousands of dollars for a website or a funnel. We will provide you with the best quality at minimum cost.
24/5 Support Team
Our support desk is here for you 24/5. You can contact us via telephone, email or by sending us a WhatsApp Message. We’re here to help with any issue you might be facing.
What Exactly Do We Offer?
Every business these days needs the following marketing tools to create leads, and convert them into costumers:

1) Landing Page - we can provide you with a customized landing page that suits your business best.

2) Sales Page - a sales page is longer than a landing page and it's goal is to successfully sale your product or service. At the end of a sales page there will be a call to action button or form that will allow the client to successfully purchase your product/service after he has received all the valuable information.

3) Automated Email Sequence - leads that sign up to your landing page often don't purchase right away. The goal of an email sequence is to warm up the leads and convert them into sales. 
The email sequence will be built in your email marketing provider and we will make sure everything is automated to save you time, energy and money!
Here Are The Different Packages That We Offer: 
Bronze Package: Up To 300 Euro
You will get:
1 Landing page
Silver Package: 300 - 1000 Euro
You will get:
1 Landing page, 10 Emails, and 1 Sales page
Gold Package: 1000 - 5000 Euro
You will get:
1/2 Landing pages, 10 - 50 Emails, and up to 2 Sales pages
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A Little Bit More About Us:
We are an online marketing company based in Limassol, Cyprus.
Our office address is: Antinoros Street 10, Limassol, Cyprus, second floor door number 10
Our company registration number in Cyprus is - HE381844

Our support phone number: + 357 99086122

Our support email address: lmnmarket@gmail.com

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